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Thank you for taking the time to look at my site.  Whilst I do not produce art full time, painting animals is and always will be a huge part of my life and I hope my pieces bring joy in so many ways, to those it belongs.

Mini Biography:  I am a self taught artist whose obsession for drawing started at a very early age, I still have drawings my parents kept that I did as young as 4 and horses have always been my forte, despite this I really enjoy working on other subjects too.

Having grown up in the beautiful Sussex countryside, I started riding at a very tender age and can recall a day when I was riding my shetland to primary school with my father leading when suddenly my little felt saddle slipped all the way round leaving me hanging off the side of my pony, this little lady named 'Didy' used to reside in our back garden.  

At 9 I really started getting into my riding (much to my parents delight when I wanted those early morning lifts to the stables) and since have been lucky enough to train and work with some amazing people, ranging from producers and trainers to International competition riders.  

At present, I live in a lovely village in Kent with my husband and daughter, not too far from where I grew up on the East Sussex border. We very sadly and suddenly lost my soul mate, beautiful springer 'Belle' in 2015 she was just 9yrs but we are back to having two dogs as the house is very empty without the zest of a spaniel, dear old 'Ozzy' the shih-tzu and cheeky springer 'Murphy' oh yes and somehow acquired two horses and a naughty welsh pony...  


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SketchAnimated Running Horse
Liston Equestrian Simmy Jack in the Snow Cluttons parade Pharoan Alex I Neville MacBrian
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